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Wellspring Wirksworth Creates History


Wellspring Wirksworth creates history

Unlike most other churches in lockdown, Wellspring in Wirksworth Derbyshire is not closed to comply with Covid restrictions, but because the building has become a building site. Our Annex, planned, discussed, prayed over, fund-raised for, during the last 3 years, is finally becoming a reality. I was going to say ‘is getting off the ground’ but in fact the opposite is true! The first phase of the work, now completed, was to excavate and dig down to the lower level of the original building, to where the foundations will be laid. In a ceremony at the beginning of March, witnessed by several socially distanced members, a Time Capsule was buried in the foundations. Minister Rev Kevin Price marked this historic moment for Wellspring, a Baptist/Methodist LEP formed in 2014, with a scripture reading and a prayer, giving thanks for the life and witness of the church in the past, the vision which brought Wellspring into being, and for the church in the future when the annex will be as old as the present building!

Items in the metal cylinder acknowledge the distinct phases of the church’s history – photographs and documents from the pre-Wellspring years of the Methodist building, opened in 1886. There were also plans and documents giving a snapshot of Wellspring’s life since 2014 – eg the 2016 Church Profile, a copy of the Ecumenical Vision Statement, script of a sermon preached by Kevin, words of a song written for the inauguration of the LEP, and photographs of church events. Craft items from the Girls and Boys Brigade and from Wellies, (Sunday School) were also included together with documents showing Wellspring’s Eco-church commitment. Plans of the Annex are there together with a typical application form for funding. There was also a set of the UK’s current coins, a Christian Aid envelope, and a palm cross. And to mark the strange circumstances in which the Annex is being built, a face mask, and the church’s instructions for the congregation for the brief time the building was open in 2020. It will be a very interesting ‘find’ if it’s ever dug up!

It is hoped that the Annex will be completed by the end of August. Plans are being made for a grand opening with no restrictions on numbers. In fact we hope the whole community will come and have a tour of this exciting new building which is being offered as a community resource and place of worship. Meanwhile as we watch the progress on the building it is a sign of hope and above all of the faithfulness of God in these challenging times.

Jenny Few, Wellspring Trustee

The attached photos show Rev Kevin Price, Trustees David Hughes and Sue Watts (with time capsule) and Treasurer Rob Few and some of the items crammed into the capsule

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