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Our Calling – Our Worship

Our Calling – Our Worship


What is worship?  Many books
have been written about this, so don't expect a simple answer!  For many people, worship may involve (or,
with Covid-19 restrictions, may have involved) meeting in a church building on
a Sunday morning/afternoon/evening.  Such
times of gathering for worship may include various elements such as music,
singing, prayers, Bible readings, sermons, drama, interaction, sharing of
sacraments and silence.  In particular
traditions or places, there may be particular ways of worshipping and particular
rhythms which take worshippers through particular festivals and there may also
be various technical ways of enhancing worship and making it more
inclusive.  Covid-19 has broadened the
ways in which many people have worshipped, as people have worshipped without
meeting in church buildings, yet Covid-19 has also limited the worshipping opportunities of many


Worship isn't just about what we
do, though, as it is through our worship that we connect more deeply with
God.  However they are provided, worship
services are there to help us to focus on worshipping God, who is Father, Son
and Holy Spirit.  The Methodist Church sees
our calling as being to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to
live out our discipleship in worship and mission through worship, learning
& caring, service and evangelism. 
In relation to worship, the Methodist Church says that the Church exists to increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love.  But how do we
live out our calling day by day?  The
resources recently produced called A Methodist Way of Life help us to understand
our calling and to shape our Christian living through commitments and


We may think of worship as being the things that we gather
together to do in church – if we can – but A Methodist Way of Life
encourages us, as far as we are able, with
God's help, to commit


pray daily.

worship with others regularly.

look and listen for God in Scripture, and the world.


those commitments come some questions:


What is the pattern of your prayer life?

How easy or hard do you find it to pray?

What has spoken to you recently in worship or in the Bible?

When, lately, have you felt close to God or distant from God?


can ask those questions wherever we may be and however we may worship.  It may also help to reflect on them with some
trusted companions and to keep on reflecting on them, as well as on the other
aspects of our calling, to help us to grow in faith and deepen our spiritual


God bless,


    Rev. Robert.

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